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Intention: The Key to Your Epic Transformation

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I Am Stacey Hines


I enjoy serving as your trusted guide to intention, self-discovery, and holistic success. I’m not your typical speaker, podcaster, author, or coach; I am a life alchemist. With a unique blend of wisdom, humor, and transformative yet practical insights, I seek to empower individuals to craft lives of purpose, balance, and fulfillment. 

Join me in a world where intention is the catalyst for profound change; whether you’re navigating career shifts, igniting your passions, or seeking harmony in work and life.



Private Coaching

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Team Coaching

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Leadership Training

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Master Every Area of Life!


Dive into Stacey’s world of wisdom and inspiration. Join her on the Balanced Lady Boss podcast as she shares insights, interviews experts, and explores the art of intentional living. Discover how to transform your life through her engaging episodes.


Experience Stacey’s transformative message in person or virtually. Learn about her powerful speaking engagements, where she shares the secrets of intention, life transformation, and professional success. Invite Stacey to inspire your audience and spark meaningful change.


Explore Stacey’s curated collection of transformational resources. From courses and books to intention-setting tools, discover practical resources designed to support your journey toward balance, fulfillment, and well-being.


Ready to embark on a personalized transformation journey? Learn about Stacey’s coaching services and how she can guide you to your desired destination. Reinvent your potential with Stacey as your dedicated coach and mentor.
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